Artist of the Month! – Tempo Trapeze!

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Tempo Trapeze has been performing their critically acclaimed trapeze act around the world since 2005, witnessed by over 800 000 spectators, Carly Sheridan and Ivan Dotsenko have performed on Broadway at the Big “E” circus in Massachusetts and Conelli Circus in Switzerland. They have toured Tempo Trapeze with Broadway across America and appearing in such prestigious venues as the Chicago Marquee Theater. They are also frequently invited to perform in exclusive casinos such as the MGM Grand in Connecticut and the Trump Casino in Atlantic city. Ivan and Carly recently contributed to the aerial artistic development of Cavalia 2, a whimsical equestrian circus produced by the founders of Cirque du Soleil.

White Tops Circus Magazine has recently described Tempo Trapeze as ”  . . .performed by two talented young artist. This couple showed strength and poise as they did the near impossible. The heel catch made the patrons gasp as they thought Carly would surely fall . . . Nicely styled and presented by this attractive young couple.”  World FamousSpectacle Circus magazine also reviews the act “Their (Carly & Ivan) work is contemporary and their intimacy helps establish them as individuals . . . woven into the character interaction is a series of impressive drops and catches, part of their outstanding repertoire”


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